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Film project with Innu youth at Kamestastin, Labrador (in the news).

Stephen Loring's long-standing research relationships with the Tshikapisk Foundation (an Innu experiential educational initiative) centered at the Tshikapisk facility at Kamestastin (Lake Mistastin on many maps of Labrador) is referenced in an article on an outreach project (partnering with Saint Mary's University in Halifax) that ran a film program for Innu youth last spring.

For the complete news account see: http://thechronicleherald.ca/Science/1232640.html

And to see the videos made by the Innu students see: www.kamestastin.com

Early morning at Kamestastin.



Hank Rich, Kirby Mistenepeo, Prote Poker and Sebastian Piwas part of the Innu Guardians Program at Kamestastin
Franziska von Rosen (film teacher) with Antonia Jacobish, Nympha Byrne and Sebastien Rich filming at Kamestastin.


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