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Never Enough Raccoons

Well I suppose readers of this blog might wonder what raccoons have to do with the Arctic and we would be hard pressed to come-up with a snappy reply although the way that global warming is proceeding it shouldn't surprise us in the not so distant future that they might make their way to the edge of formerly boreal preserves. And its not as if they've never been north at all.  Carl Linnaeus had a pet raccoon named Sjupp who lived with him in Uppsala in 1747.  Its thought that Sjupp might have made his way from the New World to Sweden as an associate of Peter Kalm, the intrepid naturalist, who presented him to crown prince Adolf Fredrik who gave him to Linnaeus in the interest of science. A much beloved pet Sjupp was fond of almonds, sugar, raisins and cake.  (Prince, later King, Fredrik also suffered from a sweet tooth, he died in 1771 after eating fourteen (!) helpings of his favorite pudding desert.)

Anyway, raccoons have a way of turning-up where you least expect them.

--Stephen Loring



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