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Yup'ik Women's Sewing Demonstration and Workshop at the 18th Inuit Studies Conference, Washington, D.C.

Yup'ik Elders Sewing Group Travels to Washington, D.C.

Yup'ik Elders SewingOn October 28, 2012 in the Potomac Atrium at the National Museum of the American Indian, four Nelson Island women from southwest Alaska demonstrated and described the skills they learned and practiced as young women in the construction of hunting garments, including the processing of fish and animal skins, tanning, preparing sinew into thread, sewing techniques, and caring for the finished garments. The women  traveled to Washington to also examine exceptional examples of Yup’ik women’s work in the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian collections.  Their desire is to share their living traditions with their younger generation as well as with men and women worldwide. View their blog to learn about their travels and latest projects, http://yupikelders.org/