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Friday, 29 July 2011


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Luisa Chocano

Hermosa la manera como recuerdas nuestras primeras salidas de pesca... Parece que ese sentimiento de cariño y respeto por las aguas y sus organismos son el aliciente para seguir nuestra labor en pro de su conservación.

Norma J. Salcedo

Virginia, thank you for your comment. I am looking forward to fishing in streams and rivers in South Carolina. I must go to the Catawba River one day.

Virginia Friedman

A beautiful journey you have taken us on, Norma. It just ended too soon. I must go there one day. The Pakitzapango Dam will be the ruination of the Ashaninka and must be stopped.

Norma J. Salcedo

Antonio, Thank you! Es lo menos que puedo hacer.
I had many amazing experiences as a student, including meeting you. I see myself in my students now, and I want them to have the opportunities I had.

Antonio Machado Allison

Norma. Gracias por compartir estas experiencias.
Antonio Machado-Allison

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