Seal Skin Baby Pants and Ancient Diapers - Rogers Archaeology Lab

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Form and function, sealskin style.

Felicia Pickering

You should check out in the Ethnology collections E280115, E280115B, and E280141, St. Lawrence Island Yupik baby's snowsuits and diaper.


It really is a testament to a mothers love isn't it? The great care with which the edging was lovingly sewn. Throughout the ages, mothers have nurtured nested and sewn adoringly for their young! Hehe! I find this really heartwarming. And THIS is an example of how mankind has survived and thrived! Hehe!

Meghan Mulkerin

Thanks very much for your comments everyone, and for the tip, Felicia! Carly, it really is heartwarming to see both how much and how little has changed over time, when it comes to the care shown to our family.

Connie Giles

I couldn't sleep last night and started thinking about my newest grandchild Lucy who is three weeks old. I researched diapering and came across this extremely intriguing article. Thanks for writing it.

Li Tianpeng

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