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David Gauvey

I am looking for information about James L Coryell originally from Ohio who joined the Army in 1814 and went to New Orleans the same year and was part of the defense of NOLA with Andrew Jackson. After this time the record are sketchy. It is believed that he joined the Rocky Mtn Fur Co
Where could I look for proof of this, possibly a roster of the men involved, if one exists?
I am Dave Gauvey of Coryell County Texas. We know that James came to TX to join Jim Bowie in search for the San Saba Silver Mine in 1831.
Any help would be appreciated.

Lotte Govaerts

We don’t know off-hand if there are employee records for the Rocky Mountain Fur Company, or where those might be found if they do exist. We can recommend some of the books in the bibliography on this blog post as a starting point for your research, particularly Chittenden 1902, Berry 1961, and Dolin 2011. These books contain references to the primary sources the authors used.
Several libraries have fur-trade related research collections which might be of use. See for example “Guide to the Microfilm Edition of Research Collections of the American West – Papers of the Saint Louis Fur Trade from the Missouri Historical Society (http://cisupa.proquest.com/ksc_assets/catalog/2595.pdf), and this flyer from the St. Louis Mercantile Library at the University of Missouri St. Louis which describes their fur trade history-related collections: https://www.umsl.edu/mercantile/research/research-guides/fur-trade-history.pdf.”

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