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10 September 2013


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Allen Collins

LOL. I'll be on the lookout for you!

Ken M

Hey, that's great! Well, if you like, here's a collection of some of the goofiest anti-science ones I've done - hope you enjoy, and all the best to ya :) http://imgur.com/a/fzpg5

Allen Collins

Hi Ken,
Your post doesn't seem weird to me at all. I am actually quite fascinated that you found this, and happy that you took the time to comment. BTW, I love CollegeHumor, so its a big lovefest. ;-) --Allen

Ken M

Hi Allen,

I'm 'Ken M,' and for what it's worth, FailBlog actually snatched that exchange from a column I write for CollegeHumor called "The Troll," which is only intended to satirize the anti-intellectual goofballs commonly found on yahoo comment threads, where everyone hates science. I know my post wasn't the best kind of exposure but for what it's worth, I have nothing but crazy admiration for dedicated scientists like you and your colleague Karen - Anyway, best to you, and I'm aware that this comment is both weird and unnecessary -- Ken

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