From the Sea to the Big Screen: Taxonomy of Pop Culture Invertebrates - No Bones

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20 April 2015


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kenzo narendra mardianto

so scientifically, spongebob absorbs water but an actualy sea sponge can't?

Audrey Falconer

I always loved the joke that is Pearl in Finding Nemo - a pink octopus with a girly voice - and one tentacle is shorter than the others, which implies a hectocotylus!(ie, that Pearl is male.)



It's nice to make the connection between the famous and their scientific background. I'd never stopped to think that Sponge Bob was more a synthetic kitchen sponge than the real deal.
Very fun article. Well done!


I always liked Sebastian from the Little Mermaid. But I think there are is a vast and entertaining diversity of inverts waiting to be tapped by creative folks, particularly in the monster movie genre.

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