Blue Dragons of the Sea - No Bones

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01 May 2015


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???No need to know

Thanks now I have more info for my unique animal project/presentation.

Mark wolosz

Amazing I read this with great interest as I live in Florida on the coast and have never seen one? Although I have been bitten by a man o war! I was a school teacher and this would be a great topic for any teacher thank you for sharing

$$$$$$$$cha ching cha ching $$$$$$$$$$$$$

I want to buy one trillion of these wonderful things.
where do you buy them and because they are small should
I get eighty-five trillion instead? thank you for your help. I know that these creatures will be good for looking at and eating for dinner as a quick on-the-go meal. love you!!!!!!


do you like the taste of blue glaucus??????

Erel Ra

I have been filming these for a while.. astonishing creatures. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vc72Qpk6P2E


You helped me with my animal project. Thank you for helping me, a forth-grader.


Thank you for this , you have really helped me on my animal project I am doing right now. You have helped a fellow 6th grader. I can't thank you enough!


damn i am in 5th grade for a writing project thank you so much

Erick Savana

love this animal i would love to see one on real world


are they classed as a living fossil


This was really helpful, with a project I had for school

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