Māori Performances Highlight Cultural Interactions at Environmental Film Festival - Recovering Voices

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Recovering Voices

Thank you so much Sarah for correcting this oversight. The film is such a beautiful and carefully crafted feature of the Tūhoe and their project, and the mislabeling of cultural spaces was certainly an accident on our part. We're glad to hear that you liked the event programming with Te Tini A Maui, and look forward to more collaborations inviting the public to explore cultural and environmental relations in the future! Thanks again, Tierney and Josh.

Sarah Grohnert

Kia ora Tierny and Joshua,
that's a beautiful write up about the event, thanks heaps, I am the director of the film and am happy I get a hint of the flavour that was given to the screening by this amazing haka group, sadly I couldn't make it over from NZ to attend.
I just noticed one small factual detail in your article that would be nice if you could correct - the new Tūhoe building that features in the film is NOT a marae. They are very clear about that, as the importance of all the marae in the region is not to be undermined - they all have to sustain their important functions. The new building is in fact used as an iwi (tribe) headquater as well as a community space and also capable to serve as a civil defense emergency centre for the region. If you could somehow correct that, it would mean a lot to myself and Tuhoe. Very best wishes,

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