100+ Inuit Words for Sea Ice: A Guest Post by Igor Krupnik - Rogers Archaeology Lab

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Jeff Caligari

There is an Irony, by all means I respect your line of research and riasing awareness of these issues compared to how others waste resources for entertainment and stupid amusement but even here you share your books, which need ink and logistics and people to travel to and from their work and to feed all these people which forest and natural habitat is torn down to make agricultural fields and then fertilise it and then it gets sold to build their houses and it doesnt end. Even though yours is a substantial message the action of sharing it isnt. I "fear" we cannot win.
People just going on about how life is short and be happy but that path is very temporary.
Be careful what you aim for.
Be careful what you wish.
If you could live forever, would you want to?
Im sure those who might have been able to live a few hundred years would be devastated at what they have seen this world turn into.
"The vote" by weak minded lazy species is going to kill those with any shred of knowledge and discipline to move forward correctly.
It is overpowering and often people fall and I am convinced that every new generation is there to fix the last but they too become corrupted.
Even the internet has its demons who rob me of every lost word and pretend I had nothing to do with anything good. My own relatives do it and they do it to everyone and feed them excuses. Catholics breeding people to die to labor for their gain.
It will kill everyone and they are the most arrogant that I have known and I see thet many other peoples flaws stem from their actions and lies.
They will make people fail just to use as ammunition for robbing them. They will hide any good deeds and claim it as their own and then chant about how no one deserves anything because they are sinners and persecute them.
They stopped a lot of progress and will cut down anyone who is actually doing anything worthy.
I know this I lived this. I can proove this.
But they buried me to make sure I dont and have stopped many people in the process.
A lot have died waiting being complacent while they kept me stranded and told everyone I was somewhere else to sell some fabrication or time edit.
Just to hold their plunder and redirect people from asking questions, questions I know to ask, they will threaten you or play you from the shadows, tell you that the savior is the criminal and the criminal the saviour so not only will you not get the help but you will be taken down further when you look for help.
they "Walk on water" because they know this. Their magic trick is simply giving you a break and all of a sudden "Its the power of GOD" and only they know him.
yet they dont give you the answer because then they lose their control over you.
Imagine pluggin that into Guantanamo bay while the US Marines were there and the supposed "Terrorists" which the very media used information against to get them out of the way.
They elected Obama instead and gave him a world tour to buy time and convinced him to shut that down.
That was the Devil removing an adversary he couldnt have dealt with.
I know it all too well.

como rezar el santo rosario

nice post

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