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Re Gilli- see also:

Van Steenis, C. G. G. J. (1982). “Critical notes on New Guinea plants described by A. Gilli.” Blumea 28(1): 165-169.
Abstract: Two new genera and nineteen new species of dicotyledons from Papua New Guinea collected and described by A. Gilli (1980) have been examined by specialists. These families are Begoniaceae, Cruciferae, Elaeocarpaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Hypericaceae, Leguminosae, Rosaceae, Rubiaceae, Saxifragaceae, and Sterculiaceae. Both new genera are reduced: Melachone to Amaracarpus (Rub.), Disaster to Commersonia (Sterc.). Supposed new generic records to Malesia proved erroneous: a new Thelygonum belongs to Nertera (Rub.), and a Trochiscus to Nasturtium (Cruc.); the Viburnum from Papua is a Psychotria (Rub.). All species are reduced to those already known. It is advocated as undesirable to describe novelties from odd tropical plant collections

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