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Hi Mary,
Having read this article, everything is so familiar! - Lesley Elkan and I are the illustrators at RBG Sydney. Its always nice to hear about others across the world, labouring away exactly as we do. Your drawings are beautiful, by the way.
If you do return to drawing (after all of that scanning), please bear in mind the annual Margaret Flockton Award for Scientific Botanical Illustration. http://www.rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au/education/art_and_illustration/Margaret_Flockton_Award_2015_exhibition

Lesley and I are the curators of this award and you would be most welcome to enter (it's free) and perhaps win some $AUD! Just check the website for all of the details. Please pass on to any illustrators you may know as well. Its an international exhibition and competition, and the Brazilians and Mexicans are running amok in the prize pool! They need some competition.

I hope to see an entry from you in the near future perhaps, and thank you for your article.
With best wishes,

Catherine Wardrop

Mary, at my job in the Palm Beach County library, I just scanned a Smithsonian book of plant sketches and IMMEDIATELY pictured you. Went right over to the computer and put in your name and the word art. Voila, got to this place. So nice to see you. If you get a chance, send me an email at maryg51@hotmail.com Would love to hear from you. Meantime, love to you and Denny. :)

Such beautiful work. As a florist and artist I absolutely love botanical illustration. (I appreciate the scientific significance as well :) )

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